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The MAP for Numeration Systems was developed as a result of suggestions and comments from users around the country to supplement our MAPS Basic Skills Series and Math Tutor Program. Teachers asked for teaching strategies and additional materials for teaching basic skills so students will understand why they are doing, what they are doing instead of trying to memorize procedures. In order to accommodate their needs we developed the MAP for Numeration Systems Blackline Masters.

The lessons, vocabulary, word problems, enrichment activities, projects, are the perfect extension to the MAPS Programs. The tasks, like the entire MAPS Program, are completely individualized - students work at their own rate following step-by-step instructions and compete only with themselves. The program can also be used for cooperative learning activities, small group instruction and large group instruction. It is very flexible.

  • Pages 1 - 5 Introduces our numeration system, giving students an understanding of how our system works and points out the differences between positional and non-positional systems of numeration.
  • Pages 6 - 7 Review test to assure mastery of the material covered to this point.
  • Pages 8 - 14 Helps students see multiplication tables in a new light. No more memorizing tables. Using a multiplication chart, four rules or properties and a few finger activities students find they can master all of the tables in no time at all - and the process not only promotes understanding but is it FUN!!
  • Pages 15 - 22 Introduces exponents to help students really understand 'How' and 'Why' our Place Value System works. There are step-by-step instructions and examples that walk the student through the learning process as well as practice sheets and a review test to assure mastery.
  • Pages 23 - 29 Introduces the student to bases other then 10. Once they have mastered the Base 10 Place Value Chart and understand how exponents fit into the chart to make it work they are ready to work with other bases. By working with other bases students get a much clearer understanding of our Base 10 system and the real meaning of "10".
  • Pages 30 -31 Introduces the four types of averages - range, mean, median, and mode.
  • Pages 32 - 33 What's My Rule? Helps students think mathematically by developing generalizations and rules when working with numbers.
  • Pages 34 - 36- Can You Do This? Helps students think mathematically using a variety of operational symbols and only 4 - 4's to write the numerals 0 - 50; and next only the numerals 1, 2, 3, 4 to write the numerals 0 - 50.
  • Pages 38 - 39 Pre-test on all material covered so far.
  • Pages 40 - 41 Unit Test to test mastery of all material covered so far.
  • Pages 42 - 43 Enrichment activities to expand mathematical thinking.
  • Pages 44 - 46 Word Problem practice dealing with Proportion Problems.
  • Pages 47 - 50 Word Problem practice dealing with the three types of Percent Problems.
  • Pages 51 - 53 Word Problem practice dealing with mathematical thinking.
  • Pages 54 - 57 Mathematical Thinking Exercises - students develop generalizations and rules for finding the sum of the first 'n' number of odd, even and counting numbers.
  • Page 58 - Mathematics Vocabulary - When studying any subject, the understanding of the vocabulary specific to that subject is very important. Students should not memorize definitions. They need to really understand the meaning of words, be able to use them correctly and to give specific examples of their use. The terms listed here (along with other terms you encounter) should be introduced at the appropriate time. Students should keep these terms in a notebook along with an understandable definition and a good example of how it is used.

Since different sections of this program can be used at different times and with different math areas we offer this material in the form of 'blackline masters'. In this way teachers can give students the appropriate pages at the appropriate time.

         is the perfect supplement to the MAP Series.
         Order your Numeration Systems Blackline Masters today!!                    




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