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  • The Diagnostic Testing Program is completely individualized.
  • The format helps reduce common fears.
  • Each student competes only with him/herself.
  • Each student's goal is to improve his/her own essential math skills and concepts.
  • The test includes an EASY TO USE Diagnostic Inventory.
  • The inventory lists all the Essential Skills sequentially - from Whole Numbers through Algebra.
  • Results are presented in a manner which is useful to the teacher and student.
  • The inventory identifies specific skills in need of remediation and/or reinforcement.
  • The results are readily apparent to the teacher and the student.
  • Diagnosis and Prescription of the appropriate M.A.P.S. workbook is easy.
The Diagnostic Testing Program, like the entire MAPS Mathematics Program, is completely individualized - the students are competing only with themselves. They don't have to concern themselves with how anyone else did and they are not going to be compared with anyone else - their goal is to improve their own basic skills, concepts and understanding. The problems are worked out in the test booklet and the answers are recorded on the answer sheet. When the test is completed the answer key is used to correct the test. The numbers of the examples that were missed are circled on the Diagnostic Inventory of Skills Sheet. This sheet lists all of the basic skills in a sequential fashion from Whole Numbers through Algebra. It identifies areas that need remediation and/or reinforcement. The students can see for themselves where to begin and use the appropriate MAPS Worktext to improve their skills. Unlike most other testing programs, the results are not given in staines, percentiles or grade level scores, that have little meaning to the student, but rather through the use of the Diagnostic Inventory of Skills Sheet, that points out to the student and teacher areas that need remediation/reinforcement.    

"The MAPS Program has received wide praise from teachers, principals, educational supervisors/ directors and parents but most importantly from students who have gone through the program. The best that can be said for any program is that those who have discovered the program and are using it daily, are enthusiastic about it; this is certainly true about the...


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